2014 Majesty

Top Features:

This high-tech transportation unit blurs the boundaries between scooter and motorcycle—highly utilitarian performance.

Rugged and reliable four-stroke engine and fully automatic transmission mean hit the starter button and go.

There’s more than enough power to run at highway speeds, room for two and plenty of storage space.

The Majesty achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 50 mpg* with a fuel tank that holds 3.7 gallons of gas.


Powerful liquid-cooled DOHC four-valve single with forged piston and single-axis counterbalancer puts out plenty of smooth power all the way beyond 8000 rpm.

Suction-piston-type electronic fuel injection delivers excellent throttle response and low-maintenance reliability.

Step-motor controlled, automatic idle speed control and throttle position sensor provide immediate start-up and ride-away performance.

Double-cog V-belt constantly variable automatic transmission makes the Majesty a twist-the-throttle-and-go machine.

Automatic decompression system ensures easy and reliable electric starting.

The dual-chamber airbox, air-injection system and exhaust catalyst technology reduce air pollution.


Aluminum, die-cast alloy main frame with steel tube subframe is light and rigid for increased performance and handling.

61.6-inch wheelbase provides plenty of room for tall riders and a smooth ride while enhancing handling.

41mm fork tubes for excellent ride and sporty handling.

Rear suspension uses a pair of long-travel, coil-over shock absorbers for a smooth ride and sporty handling.

14-inch front and 13-inch rear tires on stylish cast wheels look great and provide excellent handling and traction, along with superb bump absorption.

267mm hydraulic front and rear disc brakes provide powerful, controllable stops with a convenient left handlebar-mounted parking brake lever.

3.7-gallon fuel capacity provides 185 mile-range (50 mpg*).

Additional Features:

Plenty of power and room for two, with integrated passenger grab rail.

Huge, locking underseat storage will swallow up to 16 gallons of goods.

There’s even more storage for smaller items in the inner front apron.

Cool LED taillight is super-bright and draws less electricity.

Full instrumentation contains analog speedometer and tachometer, along with an LCD multifunction display including a fuel gauge, coolant temp gauge, ambient temp gauge, V-belt and oil indicators.